Smart Home Integration

The future is here!

It has been reported that by 2020 the number of connected devices will exceed 26 billion.

We use an array of affordable and reliable devices coupled with some 3rd party programs and custom scripts to give you control over your home, office and even your car.

Imagine telling your home to turn on the lights, AC and TV with a simple command or having a program that knows when you come home and sets a series of preset commands to adjust lighting and temperature. Imagine a system that notifies you when you leave the garage door open or if someone is at the door, allowing you to answer even if your not there. You can start with the basics and grow over time or go straight for the Mac Daddy of smart homes. We can install platforms that will grow with your needs and can be controlled in the palm of your hands or simply by your voice. Contact us to get an in home quote.


We are not product re-seller’s which means we give unbiased advice on what to buy based on what fits your needs and in turn you do not pay a marked up price for any products you may need. It also means you wont be sold something you don’t need just because someone wants to make a commission.

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